Computence is Management and Business consultancy focusing on Informatics. Computence specialises in building Information Solutions for management-, administrative- and operational procedures.

That is applied both on structured and unstructured (document based) data. The strengths of Computence lies within the ability to combine the improvement of management- and operational procedures hand-in-hand with the development and implementation of IS/IT solutions for:

  • Portals and user friendly interfaces
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting for Management and Operational purposes
  • Integrations (multiple source systems)
  • Document Management – Platforms
  • CRM

The Consultants in Computence usually have roles such as Management Consultants, Specialists within Informatics and Business Development, Project Managers, Process Developers, Information- and System Architects, Programmers and Managers or Professionals for Hire.

Computence has typically contributed to and many times, been a forerunner in the development of Solutions for Information Management with its Customers. The customers can be found in the Real Estate, Property- and Finance Industries as well as Service Providers to these Industries.

Among the Customers that Computence has had a long term relationship with are Akelius, AP Fastigheter, Fabege, Inter IKEA Centre Group, Hufvudstaden, Humlegården, Jernhusen, KF Fastigheter, ISS, Vasakronan and a number of private equity and venture capital companies.

Computence has a few corner stones in order to maximise the benefits from the solutions that are created:

  • Computence works as a company, in a close relationship with its customers to ensure quality, transfer of knowledge and sustaining results.
  • The Consultants within Computence have the ability to act in many different roles to enable undertaking a broad scope of tasks efficiently with its Customers.
  • The important connections between Operational Procedures, delivery of IS/IT Solutions and the Knowledge within its customers organisations are essential starting points for all of Competence’s Projects.
  • The Services and Solutions provided by Computence go together with state-of-the-art models and methods.

The history of Computence goes back to year 1990. Its present structure was settled in year 2000 when the company became Partner owned and Managed.

For contact, please use ”kontakt” on our web site. (Our mail addresses are and replace å, ä and ö with a, a and o).